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  • WELCOME to House of Rumours…

    Hi - I'm Ruthie! Initially I created this blog to share my refinished furniture projects. Well as the years have gone on . . . I've slowly morphed into not only a furniture refinisher - but a furniture builder and interior designer as well!!

    At night I'm usually dreaming of my next project, whether it's a new wall finish, painting or building a piece of furniture . . . or tackling an entire room makeover!

    People have asked - What's my favorite style?? Truth is everything under the sun! Everything from modern chic design to farmhouse rustic decor to modern industrial builds! I don’t care what it is, I LOVE IT ALL!! I also ABSOLUTELY love metallics & shine and therefore try to incorporate a little “bling” in all that I do.

    So please - check out my different blog posts to see some furniture turned into the shabbiest of shabby OR see some fresh lumber turned in a Large Modern Industrial piece of furniture!

    I invite you to follow along on my journey as I continue to grow my skill set and create new and inspiring pieces and decorated spaces!

    I offer interior design consultation, custom furniture building and refinishing work here in sunny Arizona. Feel free to contact me for an estimate.


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So recently My husband and I decided to tackle a LONG AWAITED PROJECT! I can’t even begin to tell you how fun this project was!! We literally transformed a 28 ft, old school, toy-hauler into a modern little tiny home! I have to admit Pinterest was slightly at fault for this project! I came across a refinished […]

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  • Monica - what “color” vinyl flooring did you use I love it.ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - It was brownish grey ash from Lowes. Clearance thoough… not sure they have it anymore??ReplyCancel

  • Tracey - Absolutely LOVE this makeover. You have inspired me to fix up my camper van !ReplyCancel

  • Page - Just wanted to let you know that you did a BRILLIANT job! Lighter, brighter, good coordination of color and pattern…. and great pricing!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thank you sooo much!!! We LOVE it!ReplyCancel

    • megan - we are getting ready to do a makeover on our toy hauler… how much did urs cost u???ReplyCancel

      • Ruthie - The cost was right around $1500 for All! This included flooring, paint, decor, new sink, fabric, etc…ReplyCancel

  • Mindy - Love this. Would you be able to contact me. I want to do this to mine.


  • Devan - Do you not use the dining table top anymore? It was in the before shots but the after. Just curious since it seems to be the only hard surface to eat at.

    • Ruthie - Yes we use it. We just use it outside on our patio more often than inside so we opted to not refinish it.ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - Hi! Great job! Came out beautiful. A quick question did you paint over the wall paper or did you tear it down?ReplyCancel

  • lynn - this is one of the most gorgeous RV makeovers i have ever seen. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

    in love with the blues and greys.
    you did a most fantastic job on everything.
    BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Aszurae - It looks absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job! If you don’t mind me asking, what was your total cost for the project?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Total cost was approx $1500! no labor cost or tool rental needed.ReplyCancel

      • kellie - Did you redo the sofa yourself, or have it doneReplyCancel

        • Ruthie - The cushions unbolted from the sofa frames. The covers also unzipped off. I had someone make new covers with the fabric I purchased and we put them all back on and then rebolted the cushions to the frames.ReplyCancel

          • Crystal - Where did you buy the fabric from? Love love love the cushions and Couch!

          • Ruthie - Joannes Fabric Store

          • Crystal - What kind of fabric is the couch and cushions?

          • Ruthie - upholstery fabric

  • Krissa - What type of paint did you use on the cabinets? Is it water based? And did you sand them before you primed?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - I used an exterior latex paint. I lightly sanded them before priming! cleaned them up really good and got to it!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - Beautiful job. Best RV makeover I have seen yet! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • drew - what colors of paint did you use on the walls and cabinets they look greatReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - thank you! The walls in the main areas are a very light grey, almost white. The cabinets were a darker grey and we painted the walls in the bathroom areas the same color as the cabinetsReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Wowza! Love it! We just bought an old 5th wheel that I’m going to try and remodel ? … Curious, did you paint it recover the bunk bed trim? I’m not sure what to do with ours. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thanks! we actually recovered it with some black vinyl material (same as the backing material on all the couches in the trailer). It seems to be holding up just fine!ReplyCancel

  • Eileen - I just LOVE your remodel! Hubby and I remodeled a camper a few years ago and it was the most fun project ever. My next red, yes there will be another, will sport a completely different look. Thanks for reminding me I am not done yet 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Awww thank you so much!! Go get ’em!!! Trailer reno’s are a blast!!ReplyCancel

  • Mel - One of the best remodels I’ve seen yet, for being clean and modernized. I think the bathroom sink changeout might be my favorite, since it’s one of the features I loathe the most. How does anyone wash their hands in those little sinks? I might have to hunt down a new sink. Love how the back bunks move out of the way, pretty cool.ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The sink is the best part! so so sooooo much better now having the bigger sink!ReplyCancel

  • Tami - I just wanted to know how the paint on the walls and cabinets are holding up? I am trying to convince my husband just to paint it all 🙂


    • Ruthie - JUST DO IT! They are holding up just fine!! We’ve camped quite a bit since the remodel too! i say go for it!ReplyCancel

  • Maeve - Hi Ruthie! I love what you guys have done! It inspired my husband and I to remodel our rv. Can you please tell me how you did the trim around the refrigerator? What paint did you use? Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing creation with us all!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Yay! So happy for you! A Renovated RV just makes everyone happy! So the trim around the fridge was already black, all I had to do was paint the front (cabinet looking) panels. I used a Flat Black spray paint. I made sure I prepped really good around the fridge as to not get any overspray paint on anything! Then I sprayed painted a polyurethane sealer right on top. It has held up perfectly! If you need to actually paint the fridge, there is an Appliance Epoxy paint that I’ve used before. I think its Rustoleum? IT’S AWESOME! I painted an almond fridge black and it looked amazing! Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Shari Tapscott - The transformation is seriously amazing! We’re looking into getting an RV, but we’re going to have to go older. This gives me hope that we can make it something we actually want to be trapped in for a few months 😉ReplyCancel

  • Angela Rivera - In process of doing tear down and remodel of 1989 hitchhiker 2 30 ft fifth wheel camper. It has definitely been fun and a learning experience. We are going to remodel our popup camper next, before selling. That won’t be as nearly difficult as the fifth wheel though. Your right about the interiors of these RVs they really don’t change the color, style or type of materials used from one decade to the next.ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - how fun! you get to do both! My next trailer will be a fifth wheel hopefully!ReplyCancel

  • peggy - I LOVE This redo! I want to ask about the floors. Where did you purchase them, name etc. They look amazing and may want to use in my cabin as well.

    THANK you for sharing this wonderful redo!

    • Ruthie - the were on clearance at Lowes. Not sure they have them any more. But floor and decor and Lowes always have a large selection. They are vinyl.ReplyCancel

  • Faith Davis - don’t know if you will see this, but just wanted to ask about your dinette seats. are they what they call jacknife sofas? I want to get rid of our dinette, but we need the sleeping space, so looking for ideas to convince the hubby. I love the colors you used, looks so beachyReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - im not sure what they call them? we use the dinette table outside mostly. it creates more room in the trailer that way. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Kara Dumont - Wow–we are a dirtbiking family looking for a used toyhauler about that size. I don’t want to pay for something new so we are looking at dated older models 2005-2010. I just called hubs in to check this out. Would you please share your rough total cost. It looks to me like you were probably able to do all this for less than $1000. Of course, I don’t sew, so I know that will add quite a bit to get someone to make the furniture covers and window treatment. Great job. Thanks for sharing the pics.ReplyCancel

  • Susie - Hi,
    Can you tell me more about the sink in the bathroom? What did you use for the countertops? Garage floor epoxy? Also did you paint the insides of the cabinets? There is one pic where the cabinet is open and it appears light inside. Did you just leave it? And it looks like you painted the fridge black? What kind of paint did you use? I’m asking because I have the exact same fridge and I hate it. LOL. Thanks.ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - countertops: I used countertop paint, and then sprinkled garage floor epoxy flakes while the paint was drying. Cabinets: No we did not paint the inside. Fridge: I used Black Matte Spray Paint, and then sealed with Polyurethane.ReplyCancel

  • carm - I want a tiny house, my other half wants a trailer. Thank you for the perfect compromise! Your great pictures will help him visualize our new tiny house a whole lot easier. You guys did GREAT!ReplyCancel

  • Denise Hupe - Great work! What kind of paint did you use to paint the vinyl walls?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - there is a picture on the post that shows the exact paint used.ReplyCancel

  • Julianne Roll - Great remodel! Just bought a 23 ft toy hauler with a very similar floor plan. I love the wood floors but wanted to see if your toy hauler had a slope in the back towards the big door? If so, how was it installed the vinyl floor with the slope?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - no slope in mine. But even with a slope, the vinyl bends. It shouldn’t have a problem bending and adhering to the slopeReplyCancel

  • Mary Smith - Love your remodel! I’m selling my home and buying a fifth wheel and want to do a few little remodel things to it. I love, love your countertops. I know you used Rustoleum Countertop Paint and crushed Expoxy Flakes. What color countertop paint did you use? And are all the Expoxy Flakes the same color? Thanks so much in advance for the info!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - It was the grey color tint choice they give you. And the epoxy flakes had black, brown and cream color flakes in it. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Just a fun idea I thought of when I saw the last picture, but on rainy nights you should make the sheet covering the bunk beds white and then hang a projector on the opposite wall. You could fold up all the chairs and have a pile of blankets and pillows to lay on.ReplyCancel

  • Sandra Marie Tantardini - I found your site on Pinterest and I really Love the make over on the trailer , I can’t believe how amazing it looks. You guys really did a great job. I would like to try and redo a small trailer and you have inspired me that I can do this. Thank you both .

    Sincerely: Sandra Marie TantardiniReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Your welcome! Glad to inspire! It was super fun and I’m so glad we did it!ReplyCancel

  • Carol Hake - I know I’m a year late (wink wink!) but holy cow this is awesome!! I have the almost identical toy hauler but it’s a fifth wheel. Same 1980s color scheme (what, did they buy millions of yards in 1984 and just decide to keep using it?) but mine too is newer, 2009. It just seems so … stock. Is there such a thing as builder grade for RVs? 🙂

    Fabulous job! Love the color scheme too. So after a year, how is it holding up?

    Thanks for some great inspiration!
    Carol Hake
    Lakeside, CaliforniaReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thank you so much!! It is holding up beautifully!! no chips or scratches on the paint or cabinets!! TRULY our 2nd home! WE LOVE IT!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - This is beautiful! and now I am inspired to just buy a trailer and remodel it!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - YAY! I say go for it!! Cost is cheaper and you get to add your personal touch!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - Beautiful Re do Wanted to know how the floors are holding and did you use any glue?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Lowes suggested we use glue because of the heat here in AZ. We didn’t use any. Hind sight we probably should of because there are 2 or 3 spots where the edges of the plank is lifting. Other than that, it bonded beautifully with the adhesive that is already on the vinyl planks.ReplyCancel

  • Maureen - Love the remodel! How is the paint holding up on the cabinets? My husband doesn’t want to have scatches or chips to deal with. How durable is the countertop paint?! Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - if you prep properly you will have no problems with either chipping. I used primer, exterior paint and polycrylic for the cabinets and we don’t have 1 chip! The same for the countertop. The countertop paint we used is AMAZING. Not one issue.ReplyCancel

      • Jenn - Did you use any sealant on the countertop? Also, the flames don’t lay flat. Did you sand after everything dried to make surface smooth?ReplyCancel

        • Ruthie - no we didn’t sand anything. The flakes are so thin it’s not even noticeable. Yes we used a polyurethane which helps level out any texture on surface.ReplyCancel

  • Lyn - Hi Ruthie, the makeover looks fantastic and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us. One thing I was wondering about is what you did to seal or hide the edging of the new flooring? I just started my remodel, I’ll be painting the cabinets an off white and the walls araucana blue and then the bathroom will be off white with a light grey accent wall. I’m still deciding on what I want to recover the couch and dining seats with.

    Thanks again!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thank you! We ran the planks along the wall, so the side we started on butted up perfectly against the wall. for the finishing side, my husband made sure he cut the plank to a perfect fit against the wall. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

      • Lyn - Yes, thank you very much, I was wondering if I could just do that. It’ll make it so much easier.ReplyCancel

  • Chataunna - LOVE your makeover!! I have a question about the bedding in the master suite. We have a similar bed in ours and find it so difficult to keep it looking neat and tidy and it is a pain to make. You said you could fitted bedding. Can you give me more details on that? I was thinking of finding a pretty fitted sheet to out over our duvet to give it that finish look but the sheets still don’t fit perfect! Any tips would be great!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Oh my goodness! I feel your pain!!! It’s like making a bunkbed! I’ll be honest . . . the first day of the trip I make the bed. After that I leave it messy. Too much of a hassle. My comforter for the master suite was a fitted one, it came with the trailer with purchase. I had a friend just recover it with pretty fabric. The bottom corners are square so it stays put it at the foot of the bed. Hope this makes sense? The only other suggestion I would have is to buy a twin comforter (for a queen bed) then you don’t have to tuck anything in. It can just lay flat. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Brown - How are your floors holding up while transporting your toys (motorcycles, 4 wheelers, etc)? We are looking forward to updating our toy hauler, too. Thx for the inspiration. Kathy in Central CA.ReplyCancel

  • Audrey - Hi Ruthie,

    We just bought a fixer upper and will be renovating. Really like what you did with yours. Could you tell me where you got the quilt for the bed, pink Paris pattern. I love it.


  • Ashley Taborn - I love your remodel and did the same things to our countertops but now I’m wondering if I need to seal it w something did you?ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - I love the makeover & have convinced my husband our toy hauler needs a face lift. We have discussed floors like this but we are concerned about how they will hold up driving ATV’s in & out of the trailer. Do you haul ATV’s? If so, have you noticed any breakage or chipping of the floor?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Yes we haul multiple types,ATV’s, UTV’s and sand rails. The floors have held up just fine so far! We are very pleased!ReplyCancel

  • Sam McGinnity - Hi,

    I LOVE your remodel! We just bought a 1999 Sandpiper 5th wheel and I cant’ wait to fix it up. Could you tell me where you got the couches from? I have never seen any that fold up that way, so much additional space!!

    Thank you!

    • Ruthie - Thank You!! The Couches came with the trailer. Have fun with your remodel!ReplyCancel

  • Petra Rodriguez - Looks beautiful ,I cant wait for the season to open the camp site .I will paint my camper too.ReplyCancel

  • Dee - Hi. Love the remodel of the RV. Like you, Pinterest has me redoing our RV. My question, and I read all the comments hoping to see it but didn’t, is about the flooring. I see your hubby tore up the rug and the linoleum. Did I you guys need to do anything to the floors like sand or any other prep work on them? Or did you just lay the flooring you got from Lowe’s?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - No sanding or anything was needed. We just layed the new flooring right on top of the existing wood subfloorReplyCancel

  • Linda Jones - What do you use to attach things to the wall, for example the towel rack?ReplyCancel

  • Christine - After you put the speckles on the counter top did you put a clear coat over it so it would be smooth? If so what did you use?ReplyCancel

  • Jessica K - wow you guys did such a great job!ReplyCancel

  • CW - Its been a while, how has that floor held up? Ive heard not to use that type of floor as it separates, would love to hear your long term report. Do you put any toys in there? RZR, bikes, etc.? Floor takes their abuse?ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Yep its held up just fine. Yes, We have put UTV’s, sand rails and quads in. One plank was coming up after about a year, so we just replaced it. Easy Peasy.ReplyCancel

  • Jason - I may have missed it but how did you apply the paint to the walls and cabinets? Did you spray everything? I don’t have a sprayer so I was thinking of using a brush and rollers.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Puhek - This is so great!
    Wondering about all the accessories you added/ screwing into the walls. Are they bearing weight ok still? Did you use anything special types of screws etc? My husband is hesitant to put anything in the walls because a salesman discouraged it, but I feel it’s pretty important to hang towels.

    • Ruthie - no we used smaller screws. Trust me it will be fine. Just think of the storage cabinets, they are being held up on the wall the same way. The weight of a towel wont hurt at all. Ours has held up just fine. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sash - Holy Hello Kitty! You did an amazing job! I’m having such trouble finding toy hauler makeovers. We just bought a brand new toy hauler (I’m still waiting on delivery) and I’m so concerned it’s going to be like living in a tin can. We will be full timing in it, so I NEED it to be comfy. You have given me hope! Thank you!!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Your welcome! Enjoy your new trailer! If its new you will appreciate all the new amenities they offer! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kandace Tate - Gorgeous! Do you mind telling me the year/make/model of your camper? The layout is awesome! Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amber - I’m obsessed with this makeover!!!! We just got a weekend warrior and I want to do the same thing!!! I’m curious how to do the valences….how do you get the off to be able to cover them? Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s gorgeous and such an inspiration!!!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - thank you! We just unscrewed them from the wall. If you look around underneath you should be able to find where they attach. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chris - This is fab!I especially love the faux vintage Formica and those sofas!! I thought you’d bought high end patio furniture! Very inspiring. Did you clean the walls and cabinets before priming them and what did you use? I read of someone using acetone. I’d only heard of TSP! Do you have any idea how much it might cost to have someone do most of the work? Thanks again for this dynamite share.ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thanks! Not really sure what one would charge to do a remodel? I cleaned with TSP. Works great!ReplyCancel

  • Connie - Hey there – love the redo. Quick question – we also are thinking about replacing the icky laminate flooring with the vinyl wood planks from Lowes. Though, we were not crazy about ripping out all the cabinetry. I see that you guys simply cut out around your cabinetry …how was that process? Problematic? Smooth? How hard/easy was it to rip out the laminate?



    • Ruthie - Ripping out the existing laminate was 5 min job… super easy! Regarding the cabinet, Because we only wanted to take out half of the cabinet, it was a little more of a task. We used a sawzall to cut the cabinet in half and then removed the one side. Our cabinets were actually originally stapled to ceiling and walls (not screwed) so when we removed it, it left a little bit more damage to walls and ceilings. But we were able to patch it up just fine.ReplyCancel

  • Britt - Absolutely LOVE it. Especially all of the detailed space-by-space before and after pics and descriptions. Fabulous!ReplyCancel

  • Travis - Hi! I’m in the middle of doing a very similar remodel to yours. Actually, yours was the inspiration it took to get me started. I also have a 2006 Rampage but it is the 5th wheel version. I am getting to the floor next weekend. Now that it has been a couple of years, have you had any issues with the “peel n stick” vinyl planks coming up? That’s the direction I am leaning. Thanks so much!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Just a couple of planks have peeled up. Granted we live in AZ where it’s SUPER HOT. and we’ve loaded ALOT of different types of toys in the back. So all in all I would highly recommend the vinyl planks. Just make sure to keep a few extras for the future! Enjoy your makeover!ReplyCancel

  • Greta - Very inspiring!!! You make it look so easy and I can’t believe you did this in two weeks! I am impressed.

    Also, I never knew about countertop paint. Interesting. Muahahahaaa. My mom is going to come home from work to find new counters.

    Best of luck to you and your family!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Lol!! I love it!! The Muahahahha comment cracked me up! Thanks!!
      Enjoy your counter make over!ReplyCancel

  • Izabella Boyd - You did such a great job keeping it masculine for the guys, yet chic for mom!

    What make and model is your trailer? I saw it was a 2006.ReplyCancel

So I wanted to show you my most recent piece! I absolutely love the way this trunk turned out! Lately I’ve been noticing a trend. People have been contacting me lately about refinishing their furniture pieces . . . that aren’t really that old! The pieces are usually SOLID Wood, very chunky looking. Think of […]

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