DIY Restoration Hardware Desk

So its been a few months since my last post . . . sorry 🙁

As promised, I wanted to show you my newest project! We decided to change the function of one of the “pretty rooms” in the house and actually make it a functional room! So here goes . . .

Remember the formal living room? That might I add . . . NEVER got used???

Well we decided to sell off all the furniture and turn it into an office! I know that an office may not be the most ideal thing you’d want to see walking into a house. . . but have you ever walked into Restoration Hardware? Have you ever been displeased with the look of any of their rooms? NO right?

So my goal was to make this office look like you are walking into a Restoration Hardware show room!

So first things first! In order to have an office, you need to have a desk right???

I’ve always loved RH dining rooms, so why not use a large dining table as a desk?? Boom.

Have you seen this X-Base Table? The RH Outlet in my area sells the Base alone . . . NO TOP . . . for $1000! Then you can select from a wood or concrete top, and you’re easily looking at paying around the same price . . . another $1000!

2K for a desk? Ummmm no. 
Since my latest obsession has been wood working, I decided to make the table myself!!!! So I started to look around online for plans.

Good ol’ Ana White to the rescue!  She had the exact plans for this X – Base Table!

The only problem is that her plans called for 2×4’s for the X-base legs.  I wanted mine to look EXACTLY like RH’s table, which has 4×4’s for the base.

I snapped this up close shot of the one at the store . . .  to help me when I start building!
I figured that I would just modify the plans as I start to build! So, I went to Home Depot and picked up some 4×4 beams to get started! I followed the plans and cut them down to the appropriate size. Everywhere the plans called for 2×4’s, I just went ahead and used 4×4’s instead. . . Easy Peasy.

Everything was going well, until I realized that this rounded part was going to be difficult to cut!

With a 2×4 you have a little more flexibility . . . but with a 4×4 I was stumped! I realized I was going to need some professional help! So I called around to all my construction buddies and my brother – who BTW  has been building and in construction since he was 14 – he’s amazing and one day I want to grow up to be like him! 

Anyway, everyone suggested I purchase a band saw.

Why not!? I love adding new tools to my arsenal! So off to Home Depot I went and purchased this RYOBI band saw
Took a minute to set up . . . but I finally figured it out!

So I marked out a rounded edge on a scrap piece of 4×4 to start practicing! 

Now time to cut the actual piece!

I admit it was a bit challenging, because this particular band saw was only able to cut the thickness of the 4×4, so I had to maneuver the piece of wood very slowly as my fingers were scared! 😀

Nonetheless, I proceeded on! I was excited to get this table /desk done!

Boom!  X-bases cut, Both sides of table done!

So I started to play with the stain before I assembled it. I did this because I didn’t know which way I was going yet with color. So I figured I would try & layer the different stains until I achieved that perfect Restoration Hardware finish!

So I went with Weathered Grey, and applied it very streaky like. Then I applied Special Walnut on the bare wood areas and lightly blended it into the Weathered Grey. Then, about an hour later, I applied Weathered Oak and it very nicely muted & blended both colors. Turned out fantastic!!

So as I’m going to assemble the center of the table where the cross beams are . . . Have you ever heard of the expression, measure twice, cut once? Ya well… the one time I didn’t do that, this happens:

So I had to cut a fresh new piece and then stain it to match the other pieces! 🙁 Oh well a minor set back.

Ready to see the table base assembled??

So I took a week break on the desk and did some house & office work that had been long neglected! During that week however, I remembered that our best friends had a door that they had promised to give me a while back. . .

So off we went to their house to pick up. The door was perfect! It was exactly what I needed for the table top of this desk! Instead of building the top, why not use something salvaged? Especially a gift from a friend. This has much more of a personal touch to me, and will make my desk all the more meaningful!

Time for some dirty work! I need to make the top look like the base. I didn’t want to strip it, because I absolutely HATE Stripping wood, so I decided to take my belt sander to it! 
Once that was done . . . it was time to stain! Because the wood was different and had more of reddish base to it, I started with an all over stain of Weathered Oak, then I ever so randomly added weathered grey and special walnut as it did not need as much as the base did.

So are you ready to see my DIY Restoration Hardware Desk???

What do you think? Pretty close to RH???

Isn’t she pretty!?


OK!  So now the DESK IS DONE! Now time to tackle the office space!

Stay tuned for the next post!  A DIY Modern industrial credenza and a beautiful re-upholstered chaise lounge coming your way!! Oooooh and wait until you see what the office looks like now!


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