Chaise Lounge and RH Wingback

So now that the desk is built for my new Restoration Hardware inspired Office,
I decided that I will need a few key pieces for this office space.
For one, I needed an AWESOME desk chair! I’ve always been obsessed with Wingbacks.
I felt it therefore appropriate that MY chair, be a huge Royal-like Wingback . . .
WOW – that’s super gaudy right??

So what . . . it’s my office I can do what I want! 😀

A chair like this would make me very happy 🙂

I also knew I would need some other form of seating in the room.
Whether it be a small love seat, accent chair . . . something!
Reason being is my family always tends to migrate where I’m at.
It cracks me up because if I’m in the garage, they will make their way in there.
If I’m in the Art room, my daughter will pull up a TV tray and do her homework in there.

So that being said, this RH button tufted couch has always been one of my favorites . . .

So I started searching for accent chairs, love seats, etc.
Well lo and behold I just happened to look on my Letgo app on my phone
and I came across this HUGE chaise lounge!

It needed new fabric for sure,

so I offered the lady $50 and she agreed! YESSS!
I immediately sent it over to my dear friend who does all my upholstery work for me.
(if you need his contact info, please feel free to contact me)
I really wish I knew how to do upholstery . . . that is one trade that has always interested me!

Anyway, I came across this button tufted Coffee Table
and immediately fell in love with the buttery soft, grayish looking leather!
From that point forward I was on the hunt for this exact fabric!
I ended up finding a very similar one at Joann Fabric Store

So as my Chaise was being upholstered, I was now on the hunt for MY chair for my desk.
What better place to go to then Restoration Hardware??
I mean you just never know if I might find something? On Clearance?

So I looked online to see what time RH opened and I noticed there was a location right by my house?
That couldn’t be right?? I’ve always had to go to Scottsdale . . .

So I inquired a little more and found out they were opening an RH outlet about 5 miles from me!
Even better . . . the grand opening was the NEXT day!
My heart stopped. I knew I was in trouble.
Well I knew where I was going to be . . . 😉

So the next day I made my travels to the RH outlet! And guess what they had??
A Beautiful Linen Wingback Chair the exact color and size that I wanted . . .
Sigh . . .

Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I just sat in the chair would it??
Well that was that. You can only imagine what happened next . . .

LOL! Ok so this is how I look at it, If I’m going to do the ENTIRE room on a budget,
and build everything MYSELF . . .
then it wouldn’t hurt to have one legit RH piece in the room right??? Right!

Good thing the chair was already 30% marked down because it was at the Outlet Store.
Plus I just happened to run into a friend of mine who was working there
and she was able to get me an additional 40% employee discount!
Woooooohooooo! SCORE!

Ok so now that you’ve seen the ONE splurge for the room. . .
are you ready to see the freshly recovered chaise?

Look at those tufted buttons! He did an amazing job!!

So much better right???

So now that I have the desk built, MY office chair and a large accent chaise for the room . . .
it was time to try to figure out the layout of this new office space!

After trying a gazillion different ways, we unanimously decided this way functioned best!

But wait . . . this space is not even close to being done!!
Wait until you see the Modern Industrial Credenza I built for this room
and a stunning wall treatment that YOU WONT WANT TO MISS!!
Stay tuned for the next post tomorrow . . .

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