Tuscan To Eclectic Living Room- House Makeover Part 1

I’ve been posting furniture makeovers lately and would like to start sharing some room makeovers! I finally organized my photo library  of 12,000 pictures.. YES, TWELVE thousand !! So now I am able show you all the pictures from start (9 years ago) to now!

This particular journey started exactly 2.5 years ago when we had decided to redecorate the ENTIRE house. In my crazy mind… we would be done in 6 months… NOW THAT IS A BIG LOL!!!! 😀

I realized selling all my existing furnishings and then replacing with new ones takes a lot of time, patience and EFFORT! Within those months of slowly refurnishing each room, I probably painted the main areas of the house at least 4 times, refinished about 15 different items and changed my mind on the decor at least 6 times!

Well here we are 2.5 years later and 90% of the house is done, with just a few small areas that need to be finished… As I work on those areas.. I want to share the rooms that are done!!

This will be another 4 Part Series, House Makeover Part 1.


Tuscan Formal Living Room to Eclectic Formal Living Room


This is where it all started .. exactly 9 years ago to date!


1.5 years later (7.5 years ago) I put this 3 layer faux finish on the wall. It was gorgeous.. back in the day of course…lol



Here I added curtains… see my little munchkin behind the coffee table??? I CAN’T EVEN believe she was ever that little!! Barely walking around and of course TOUCHING STUFF! haha


I threw this picture in, so you can get a glimpse of the dining room! Hint Hint 😉   next post??


So 2 years ago we embarked on this adventure of redecorating the house.. Here you can see all the walls primed and  ready for paint!

What is that??? A pool table? Yes. That was a moment of temporary insanity. Since we had decided to redecorate, we thought it might be interesting to put our pool table (that was perfectly fine in the POOL room) up in the front room??  Yes it was the first thing you saw when you walked in… I cringed every time I walked into the house. Like I said temporary insanity! Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve seen pool tables in other homes right in the front room, and HEY! It works! But it just didn’t work for me and especially not for this space.

Good rule of thumb… put the pool table near the kitchen, that is where company and family tend to migrate to.. your guests will naturally pick up a cue stick to play a game of pool and they can still hang out and engage in conversation with your other guests! I guarantee if you put it in another room, and you might as well leave the cover on and use it as a laundry station…


ahhhh… YES! The couches back in the living room, WHERE THEY BELONG!

First clock on the wall of clocks…  and theres Tiffany Blue! Remember her?


A few more clocks to the collection and still painting.. LOL (see the archway)


YAY!! Room is done!!!


WAIT… Or so I thought!!!

Of course I had to replace Tiffany Blue with Silvery Jewels… She was just bigger and better for the space!


Oh… and FINISH the wall of clocks!


YAY! New pretty blue pillows… Now its done!

The look I was going for: Ballard Design crossed with Z Gallerie… With a little Rustic flair to it.. hahaha.. me and my crazy ideas..


Uh hum… ok… so its never really technically “done”  😉  Since these pictures I have changed a few things. I changed the rug to this one and added this cabinet to the room…


So just a recap.. What do you think of it now?? I LOVE IT!



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