Tuscan to Eclectic Dining Room – House Makeover Part 2

As promised I want to keep this series going and not keep you waiting too long! here’s the transformation of the dining room!

Tuscan Formal Dining Room Room to Eclectic Formal Dining Room 


Bare Bones 9 years ago!


what do you think of my first dining table?? Obviously I didnt like it…..

Because this arrived shortly thereafter!!! Isn’t she pretty??


There’s munchkin again roaming the halls…. LOL! So stinkin cute!

Oh my… here it comes!!!


and here it is!! Tuscan, Old World… whatever you want to call it! It’s still hard for me to believe I had such BOLD  colors on the walls!!! Dont get me wrong… I LOVED it   then


YES, YES. Its a couch… a PURPLE one.  In the middle of my dining room..

Go ahead you can laugh out loud.. I don’t know what we were thinking!! This was at the same time of the momentary insanity with the pool table in the front room… Remember this??









Ok, so in my defense… I had some really cool ideas. Really!  I was thinking a lounge, bar, etc… basically a wine room for the ladies to hang out while the guys played pool…

Anyway, I refinished the yellow cabinet into a cool looking bar… just in time to realize I hated the idea of a lounge/bar right up in the front of my house!  So off the couch went and the bar stayed…(at the bottom of this post click on the picture of the bar/ yellow cabinet to see its transformation)


Well, the bar didn’t last too long either… The height of it wasn’t working in the room, so off  the bar went to a new home!

My old Buffet back in the dining room… then added a gorgeous new chandelier..

shortly thereafter… sold the “knights at the round table” chairs…. (this was hard to do). but very quickly purchased new french script fabric chairs!! (this was easy to do!) 😉

Aren’t they pretty??


You remember this lonely blue wall don’t you???

Arabesque stenciled wall completed (see link to post below) plus I added 2 new gorgeous nailhead Blue chairs to ends of the table!!!  


Added some pretty floral decor and new lamps ~

Added a new Buffet and a new, much larger, Shag rug. Grey color silvery accents throughout!  It is GORGEOUS!
I needed something to hide my HIDEOUS tile floors!

So just a recap… What do you think now??













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