Shiplap Wall

I’m finally catching up with all my posts and projects I completed in 2015!
This one is by far one of my favorites!

I had a client who I had been helping on and off for over a year.

She had this one major dilemma in her living room.
The UGLY, standard, drywall, built-in, niches on her TV wall.
She absolutely loathed that wall, I’m not gonna lie . . .  I did too.

But she continued to decorate around it until she finally reached a breaking point!
. . . enter Ruthie
She finally decided to take my advice and hired me to tackle her hideous wall!
Yay! Go Gena! 🙂

So lets start from the beginning and you can see what I was working with!
This is her TV wall with a very strange southwest? looking block of drywall along the top
and then the other block looking thing under the TV.
Took a little convincing, but eventually she finally agreed to have them removed.
So after going through multiple photos on Pinterest, this was our inspiration!
Beautiful Shiplap Walls and Wood built-ins. Drool . . .
I’m still obsessed with this picture.

So off to work I went!
While I was getting a design plan together,
Gena contracted a drywall guy to get busy removing the weird ledges . . .
and she hired a painter to get the house painted a very nice grey. More like a Greige.
She had the TV wall painted white, since that was the wall we were going to Shiplap.
Looks better already doesn’t it?!?
So you can see here the start of the Shiplap rows.
I made sure to prime each plank (not fully coating it) just mainly the edges.
Since the planks were going to have a little space in between them,
I didn’t want any of that plywood peeping through in between each plank.

This was a very simple process! I admit, I bit off of someone on Pinterest,
but basically I purchased 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood from Home Depot
and the Home Depot guys were nice enough to rip it down to 6″ strips for me!!!
Obviously the top 2 rows were longer than 8 ft, so I made sure to offset the seams!
You don’t want all your seams going down the wall in the same spot~
I also started lining the insides of the niches with wood,
to give it a nice uniform wood built-in look!
We were definitely going with a streamlined look, so when I filled the nail holes with Dap
(on of my fave products to use btw!)
I filled up those seams GOOOD with the Dap as well!
I only did that to the vertical seams . . . NOT THE HORIZONTAL ONES!
Leave those alone . . . LOL

After sanding the Dap and painting the wall white,
this is what the Shiplap Wall looks like DONE!
So I went home and built some doors for the bottom niches
and then went back to her house and did a “dry fit” (is that what you call it?) LOL 🙂
I also added shelves & decorative trim around the niches to polish off the look!IMG_4153
Gena had her painter come in and do one more go-round with the white paint.
It wasn’t quite right the 1st time (too yellowish), which was great for me!
I didn’t have to paint the doors or trim, since they were going to re-do the wall anyway! YAY!

Ready to see it all done??
I’m SOOOOOO glad she had it repainted a whiter White
It’s a much cleaner and crisp look! Annnnnd check out the niche details!
I’m having a proud moment right now 😉
and check out these functional doors to hide store stuff!
Do you know how happy she was that she no longer needed to decorate this space!?!
OK but wait I’m not done!
Now for the final finished product!
All decorated up! What do you think??? I’m in love!!
Stay tuned for the next post and you can see the remainder of this living room

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