Scrapbook Table Turned Craft Table – Art Room Part 2


Hi everyone! I know its been a minute since I’ve posted …  hard to juggle projects, posting, Facebook , Pinterest, family, life, kids…. you get my drift! No worries though… I’m back in the game!! I wanted to start off where I left off last time with the Art Room! This was my next big project in this room. If you remember this was once an office … more on next post… now turned “ART  ROOM”! My little girl and I needed our own space to do ALL of our projects!

So after hunting on Craigslist for 3 months… I finally found this cool looking scrapbook table … definitely good bones but an UGLY exterior color … wait till you see what I did to it!!


NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK??  a little blue & white paint….


And what about the top??? You wont believe what it is…

It’s a shower curtain! Exact size I needed and didn’t have to pay a million dollars for expensive fabric. Tightly stapled it around the edges (underneath) and wala!!! A beautiful print!! I did splurge on the glass top, which cost almost as much as the table, but it made for an awesome work surface that cleans up easily!!


What about these hideous barstools? Found this set of 4 solid wood barstools for $60! These were the exact height needed to sit at the craft table comfortably!



Stay tuned for next post!! You’ll see these craft room essentials transformed!! and then the final finish of the room!

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