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Sooo, recently a friend requested that I build a platform bed for her daughter.
I found a couple through Pinterest that I really liked.
I sent her some pics and she chose this one:

how-to-build-a-platform-bed-500x333I was excited she chose this one because I absolutely love the girls that made this bed!
Shanty 2 Chic! I have been following their blog and Instagram for years.
What I love even more is that they offer free plans on their website
and the plans are SUPER easy to follow!

Click here for the Free Platform Bed Plans
Click here for the Free Headboard Plans

They also have a NEW HGTV show called Open Concept.
You definitely need to check them out!

Okay! So back to the bed . . . I downloaded my plans and off to Home Depot we went!
I purchased enough lumber to make 2 platform beds and 1 headboard.
My son decided to help me with this build, in exchange for one of the platform beds 🙂
A helping hand for a few days?? Sounds like a great deal to me!IMG_6147
So we started right away by cutting down all the lumber to the appropriate sizes per plans.
My son started drilling all the pocket holes with my handy dandy Kreg Jig . . .
IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE OF THESE YET, you must invest in one!
This is by far one my favorite tools!! Next to my miter saw of course . . . 😉
I recently got some Kreg Jig “accessories”  one of them being this sweet vacuum attachment.
Another amazing investment!!! Sucks up all the debris… Less clean up time!!

After sanding all the boards with 150 grit sandpaper,
I stained with Minwax Dark Walnut for the bottom section of the platform.

I stained with Minwax Provincial for the top section of the platform.


After the stain was dry, I applied Rustoleum Driftwood Stain to all of the boards.
When you apply this stain it looks WHITE! Don’t worry it does not dry that way!
Immediately after you brush it on you can rub it in with a staining rag.
I apply the stain using the brush because personally I like the brush strokes it leaves behind.
The white will eventually turn into a driftwood grey. So pretty! 
Once the stain was dry we decided to go ahead and build my sons platform first.
We wanted to do a quick run through,
so that way the second bed would obviously be assembled a lot faster!
Here you can see it upside down, that’s how you drill it together at first.IMG_0428
It literally took us 20 minutes to assemble the base! So easy!!!!
Then you flip it and add the mattress support beams.
But FIRST . . . my son had to try a balancing act on the 2×4.
He lasted .75 seconds. 😀
ALL DONE with this one! dscf7380
Next . . . it was time to make the headboard for the other platform bed.
My son sanded each of the planks as I ripped them down to various sizes and lengths.
Got to use my table saw for this one. . .
I missed my saw! I hadn’t used her in a while she was a bit rusty . . .

I also stained the Side & Top Wood Pieces of the Headboard
with the Minwax Provincial Stain and applied the driftwood technique.

The individual planks for the face of the headboard I used the following 3 stains:
Provincial, Dark Walnut and I also used Rustoleum Weathered Grey
I DID NOT apply the Driftwood Stain Technique to any of these boards.
I wanted these boards to have more of a solid bold look and stand out a little more.
Ready to see it all Done??
Here’s the headboard complete:
Ready to see it all put together at her new home??
What do you think??? I’m so pleased with the way this bed turned out!!
Thank you Shanty 2 Chic for the inspiration and the FREE & EASY PLANS!!!



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