Patchwork Rustic Cabinet

Hi everyone! I’ve had quite a few requests asking me to post about the rustic cabinet in my living room… So here goes!

Lets face it… EVERYONE  has some sort of rustic piece of furniture somewhere around the house! This multicolor paint is very easy and is the perfect project for anyone at a “beginner” skill level!
Hopefully this “how to” can help with refinishing a piece of your own!

Dont be afraid and just grab some paint and brushes and go to town!


Here’s the original cabinet…


Sorry for the VERY BAD before pics!

1) Remove the doors and hardware

2) Tape off any areas where you want to create sections
I only taped off the top to create 3 separate sections, the sides already had raised
panels to work with creating sections

3) gather all your leftover paints, or in my case, any “oops” paints you’ve collected over time!
I found that blues, greys, and greens look best together..
But you can paint whatever colors suit you or your space!

4) start painting the colors in random areas
Here I painted the turquoise on the center top section and on the front side sections

You don’t have to paint every section if you don’t want to…
in my case I wanted the whole thing painted random colors

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just get the paint on the piece and don’t worry if it

5) Grab your Sander and start sanding! You can use a sanding block or plain old sand paper too,
but it usually goes a little faster with an electrical sander

Try not to sand off too much paint (like I did).
You’ll want to randomly sand the areas that you want to look distressed. The edges, top, corners, etc… anywhere furniture would normally have wear from extended use.

I found that after doing this project, try to find a wood piece of furniture that doesn’t have a TON of grain (like mine) you will achieve better results!

6) Apply any color stain you LOVE!

I chose this waterbase stain from Minwax just because I wanted to have easy clean up..
But it took me 3 layers of stain to achieve the darker look that I wanted…
Soooo, Next time I think I will opt for an oil base stain!

Still need one more layer of stain to get “the look”…

YES!!! Finally the multicolor rich look I was going for!! I love the diff colors in the grain!
I bet you were a little worried after those first couple of pictures?? I know I was!! 😀

Here we added some chicken wire to the door panels (instead of original glass)
just to ad a little more “rustic-ness” to the piece..

Ta Daaaaa! All DONE!

What do you think?




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