Out with the Old . . . in with the New!

Hi everyone! Well I’ve been a busy person since the bathroom remodels! I have been building away!
Bookcases, sofa tables, desks, etc . . . So I have tons to share!
In the meantime I wanted to show you all the redecorating we’ve done this year!
Believe it or not, while all of the bathroom renovations were taking place . . .
I was slowly tackling the family room/kitchen paint and decor!

Ready to see the changes??

Family Room BEFORE:ShunWilliamsPhotography.com
Family Room AFTER:
img_4585-copy-2I replaced the couch & chair a little over a year ago. I liked the style and shape of the original couch,
but we needed a little more sitting room! So we opted for a sectional this time through.
The light tan color was too hard to keep clean, so we decided on a tweed grey.
So after getting the sectional from Living Spaces, I started shopping here and there for a coffee table!
This took me months! I went through at least 3 coffee tables! ?
This yellow fabric one from IKEA (back room clearance $61!!) was the FINAL winner!
img_4505-copyIt’s the perfect size, super comfortable for throwing your feet up on it and even playing board games!
This rug was also an absolute MUST when I found it at Target.
I wanted different shades of Grey as the primary colors, but I didn’t want everything to be grey!
I still wanted pops of color here and there. So along with the bold Yellow coffee table . . .
I added some colorful accent pillows, flowers and patterned window treatments.
The Modern Industrial Table behind the couch is my FAVE!
My friend welded and rusted the steel. I constructed the wood top and shelf.
Stay tuned that will be my next post! ?

Now check out the adjoining game room.

Game Room BEFORE:
Game Room AFTER:
I love the colors, but this room still needs some work. It just needs a little more de-cluttering.
Likely I will be moving the chess table (under the window) into our new office.   
and I need to replace the rug under the Pool Table for a NON-patterned Rug . . .  SOON!

I love the pipe bookcase (post coming VERY SOON!) . . . but the cabinet below it needs to go!
Hopefully soon I will be building a small rustic rolling cabinet that hides all of our board games, etc . . .
All in all . . . I’m happy with the new colors! Sherwin Williams “Pussywillow” is the color on the walls.
It is a very pretty light grey, a very TRUE grey. Which means not too blue, purple or green.

So let’s get moving along in the adjoining Kitchen and Bar Area.

Kitchen & Bar BEFORE:
Kitchen & Bar AFTER:
I really really tried to keep the light grey consistent throughout the space!
I even painted it above the cabinets! BUT I HATED IT!
I don’t know why? I’m not sure if it’s just because my eye is used to seeing a bold color up there or what?
Or maybe it’s because my cabinets are black and I still have old school granite? ?
Whatever the case may be, I ended up painting it this blue color and it was way better than the grey!
Maybe someday if the hubs lets me paint the kitchen cabinets again, and I replace the granite and backsplash. . .
I will paint those upper walls another color. . .  until then . . .

Bar Area BEFORE:
Bar Area AFTER:
I made a couple of changes to my wine bar pallet wall,
and also decided to “palletize” the Bar Bar. Details on that POST here.


So what do you think of all the changes???
I am currently working on these 2 rooms next! They have been emptied out and ready for their new look!!

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