My Work Shop – Modern Industrial Garage

So I’ve been D-Y-I-N-G to share this project with you all!

Recently hubs and I decided I really needed MY OWN workshop!
I was desperate to have all my tools set up ALL the time to make it convenient to work on projects!
Additionally, I needed a staging area for all my furniture!!

So the only logical place we could agree on was the garage.
This over-crowded space currently houses
all the furniture I sell, tools, miscellaneous junk and of course . . . my vehicle.

See how ugly?
IMG_3532IMG_3531I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to get started on this project.
That night I spent the whole evening on Pinterest gathering ideas!
Thank you to my favorite app in the whole wide world!

So I knew one thing. . . I wanted modern industrial all the way.
Shelving, lighting, walls, etc . . . Sooooo, this was my inspiration:
Here I moved everything away from the walls to get started! Yucky green walls . . .
IMG_3534I purchased Faux Brick Panel Sheets from Lowes.
They are 4′ x 8′, so they cover a lot of area! They are SUPER CHEAP and really easy to work with!
Just place one on the wall, put a level on the top, level it and screw it in with drywall screws.

IMG_3535Place the next sheet up (according to brick pattern) and do the same . . .
Before you know it the whole wall is done!
IMG_3546Now time to do the other side.
There were some areas I had to cut around . . .the light switch, wall vents and the door.
But this was fairly easy to do with a jig saw.
Just make sure you take accurate measurements as to where the openings are!
DSCF6344Here all the brick panels are up, but since the seams were clearly visible,
I had to decide on using wood fill and sanding? or caulking them?
DSCF6350I went the easier route and caulked them with white paintable caulk,
since I had planned on painting the bricks anyway?
IMG_9265after all the caulking was done, I started painting random bricks black and grey.
I wanted some of those colors to peep through the final finish of white.IMG_3562Now the fun part! I started adding some white paint EVERYWHERE!
(I watered it down so that I could wipe some off in case I put too much paint on)
DSCF6356Love love lovin’ the look! Now time to do something with the north and south yucky green walls!
How about paint them black?? Yep, black it is.
Just the right amount of dark and light walls for this space!

and since the door was a little beat up too and needed a fresh coat of paint . . .
why not paint it a light color to break up the dark? 🙂
So that’s what I did! So much better right!?!
Ok now time for the reveal!
Ready to see the whole garage done???

DSCF6382At first I was skeptical about painting the wall black,
but I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!!
The white garage door really adds some nice contrast and doesn’t make it too daunting! DSCF6388Super AWESOME right?
The only thing I hated about this picture was the water heater stand! Yuck!
It was originally drywalled and so we busted out the drywall to see if it would look better.
Uhhhh . . . NO. . . still ugly
IMG_3700So good ol hubs to the rescue . . .
The things men will do to make their wives happy. Awwww 😉
IMG_3764Ready to see the final finish???
DSCF6609I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my new workspace!
Want to know how I came across this workbench and these nifty shelves???
To check out that post click here
So wasn’t this an amazing garage transformation!?


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