Modern Industrial Credenza

As promised I want to share the final piece of furniture that I built for my new Restoration Hardware inspired office!
I desperately needed storage for all of my office supplies, a filing cabinet for paperwork, etc . . .

This is the one I’ve been dying to share with you . . .
mainly because I absolutely love creating a vision in my head . . . especially when no one else can see it.
And then EXECUTING it!
I tried to describe this “vision” to some friends and family and I kept getting that blank stare . . . LOL
Then I would end up with the blank stare, because I started questioning myself “could it even be done?

Well here goes . . .
I envisioned something like this for storage:

But this came with a pretty hefty price tag of 2K from RH.
And to be honest . . . it was not big enough
(weird thing to say about an RH product because everything from there is usually oversized) 😀

Plus I wanted mine to have wood accents and caster wheels.
I started thinking of how I could build my own . . .  and then it hit me!
I had purchased this vintage filer at a garage sale a few weeks prior for $5 . . . another SCORE!I knew I could somehow incorporate this into the credenza I wanted to build.
Then I started the hunt on Craigslist for metal cabinets with doors.
I found this one for $45
Might I add . . . this cabinet is a Knoll Product and it comes with a pretty hefty retail price tag of $600!
Ridiculous if you ask me . . .
The guy had 3 of them, so I bought all 3 for $125! Yay!

So I threw a couple of them on dolly’s and started playing with the layout

I knew for sure I wanted a 2 door cabinet on each end, but I was debating having one in the middle?
or using my vintage filer in the middle?
Yep the vintage filer won! I was so excited to get this project underway and built!
After priming both of the cabinets,

I decided black would be my base coat
Everything all painted! Time to mount it all together!  Once the cabinets were in place, Hubs mounted them to each other to make one large unit.

I purchased some long 1 x 6 boards. Glued and pocket screwed them together to build the base.

Since the bottom center was going to be exposed, I went ahead and stained that area only
I also bought eight 3″caster wheels from Amazon
and painted them with my favorite spray paint! Rustoleum Soft Flat Iron.
We mounted the planked wood base to the bottom of the cabinets
and then mounted the wheels to the wood base
For the planked wood top & sides – I picked up some salvaged wood from a friends backyard.
It had been sitting there for who knows how long??
. . . and I believe it was waiting there especially for meeee ?
So I glued and pocket screwed the top & sides together just like the base.
Can you see it coming together now???

For the wood areas, I layered these 3 stains to achieve the old weathered look i was going for

Since I really wanted that old weathered metal look,
I started a sponging technique on the doors with a silvery pewter metallic paint . . .

It was a little too silvery for me. So I when I was all done “silver-ing” all 3 pieces,
I lightly sponged it with a bronze metallic paint to tone it down a few notches
It was just perfect now! 🙂

Now time for the FINAL & finishing touch!
I purchased 5 pieces of 10 ft long, 1.25″ Angle Iron to encase this bad boy!
So I started measuring, while hubs did all the Miter cuts with a grinder. . .

It totally felt like this would be super easy and not take that long, but boy oh boy it DID!
Took us all day to complete this and few other tiny tasks!
 For one, I had to start drilling holes into the angle iron
so we could attach the iron to the cabinet.

Oops our first mistake . . . We learned the hard way and didn’t account for the angle iron on the bottom,
So we had to take off all the caster wheels, mount the angle iron,
and then reattached the wheels to fit inside the angle iron line.

I bought these corner brackets to go on each corner of the cabinet.
I didn’t like the pointed look of the corners,
so Hubs was kind enough to grind the ends off of those too.
Made them look more like gussets.

So I had to break away and spray paint all the screw heads and Corners
to match the painted angle iron. . .So after a VERY looonng day . . . We were finally done!

Ready to see the finished product???

Look at these beautiful corners ?

I bought this Black World Map, 3 canvas set on ETSY to go with my beautiful credenza~

So what do you think of this office space now???

Wait though . . . I’m Still NOT DONE!
Still have much more to come! Beautiful textured brick finish, RH Shelving . . . the works!
I can’t wait for you to see the final finish!

Stay Tuned!




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