It’s Summertime! Time to Refresh old Patio Furniture…

Hello Friends! Well its that time of the year!! Summertime…. Time to sit and relax by the pool, and take in some RAYS!

Do you have nice wrought iron, bamboo or rattan furniture that you just CAN’T bear to get rid of?? Maybe its been out in the Arizona sun tooo long and it needs some refreshing???

Well don’t hesitate!!! Grab some spray paint and gets-ta painting! This is an easy fix when refreshing outdoor furniture!

Check out these Re-do’s!!

These chairs were in BAD BAD Shape when we got them… $25 for the pair… and I was even hesitant to pay that!!

The legs were completely cracked and brittle!!


Look what a little sanding (ok maybe a ALOT of sanding) and some Brown Rustoleum Spray paint can do!!


What a difference huh??


Add some brand new cushions… & presto! Practically a brand new patio set at a quarter of the cost!


This was a SUPER  fun 30 minute project!! Picked up the wrought iron glider rocker at a garage sale..

had no clue what color I was going to paint it…  until I ran across this paint at Home depot and some matching $2 pillows!!

Walaa! What do you think??

Fun huh??? Painted a little side table just for fun as well!


This was one of my “dumpster dives” that I’m very proud of!! Lets just say that my truck came to a screeching halt as I drove past my neighbors driveway and saw this patio set sitting there waiting for the trash pick up. Did I hesitate to ask her to contribute them to my addictive refurbishing fund?? NO WAY!! She was elated I could put them to use!! 😉

What do you think of them now????

Well these chairs were in desperate need of paint… Here you can also see the matching barstools in the back are a silver color…



Good ol Rustoleum Rubbed Oil Bronze to the rescue!!


Now all my chairs match!!!  some were originally mismatched in green & silver!  Funny, I had been slowly collecting the chairs & barstools from Craigslist and garage sales a little bit at a time!

Now all my patio table chairs match the barstools around my BBQ island.. yep these were originally silver!




Well, this is just my backyard & patio… What about yours?? Ready to start painting???? 🙂


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