Industrial Workbench, Shelves & Lighting!

Ok guys . . . as promised! I didn’t want to leave you hanging!!
Now that the garage is done . . . (in case you missed that post click here)
I really really REALLY want you to see the workbench I revamped!

This was my $60 Craigslist find!
Good bones right? Workable??
I’ll admit, what I paid was STEAL. . . but when it was all said and done . . .
let’s just say next time I’ll build my own from scratch!

My vision was to have a HUGE rolling workbench . . .
that could house my table saw, miter saw and a bunch of other smaller tools.

So let me start by taking you through the re-vamping process!
First, I took the back shelf ledge off . .
DSCF6400 The top was disgusting, so I already knew that needed to go . . . or be covered!
DSCF6401Soooo I had this crazy idea!
I had tons of leftover vinyl wood flooring from our travel trailer remodel we did. . .
(if you missed that post click here)

Since I’m constantly staining and painting . . .
Why not use the vinyl planks as the top, in order to have a cleanable, wipeable surface??
IMG_3757 So that was my Plan! But first I have to cut out the opening for the table saw,
and it also needed wheels, so we added lockable caster wheels to each leg post . . .
DSCF6403 Vinyl planks added to the top, and opening cut for the table saw
IMG_3801 But something was wrong! Now that I cut the hole, the table was kind of wobbly.
Uh oh . . .
I also noticed that even though MY measurements were all correct,
the table saw wouldn’t sit flush without being shimmed.

Then it dawned on me . . . maybe the table was built crooked to begin with??
Yep! after taking all around measurements of the table,
it was 3/4″ OFF from one end to the other. That doesn’t seem like much,
but when your making structural changes and a freak perfectionist like me…
it really makes things challenging!!

So out the table saw went. . .
I realized I had to rebuild the entire bottom frame of the table
in order to straighten this mess out!
Then I got ANOTHER crazy idea . . .
What if I used pallet wood and planked the entire bottom of the table?
Would serve as additional structural support as well as LOOK COOL!
So that’s exactly what I did!
DSCF6410 I also added table support underneath the table saw
instead of the original hanging suspension idea.

Now my table was ready for the final finish!
Minwax Provincial Stain . . . My favorite part!
I worked into wee hours of the night to get ‘er done
IMG_3915 Ready to see the final product??
IMG_3957Since I had to rebuild the entire bottom frame,
and remove some of the original wood that was warped and/or VERY rustic-y.
I decided to reuse the wood for some very cool Modern Industrial Shelves!

So I drew a quick little sketch of the shelving layout and stained the wood.
Then mosied on over to Home Depot and picked up some
1/2″ plumber pipe, flanges, elbows, T’s and come end caps.
IMG_3970So up the first shelf went . . .IMG_3953
then the 2nd and 3rd!  Super Fun and EASY! IMG_3976Doesn’t this look AWESOME???
IMG_3979 This has been super easy for me to roll the bench away from the wall . . .
stage any of my furniture items for sale, and then ROLLLL it back when I’m done!
Not to mention having all of my saw’s handy at all times to
build, cut or do whatever oh PLEASES ME SO . . .

But wait! I’m not finished . . .
Check it out now after we installed some industrial pendant lights!!
and added a little decor to help complete the look . . .DSCF6618Trust me all this foo foo decor comes in handy when staging furniture 😉

So what you think of the final finish??DSCF6611DSCF6617I’m super happy with the way this entire garage turned out!
LOVE LOVE my rolling work bench, modern industrial pipe shelving
and super cool lighting!!


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