Faux Brick Walls & Sputnik Lighting

I’m on a roll with posting! Woot Woot!
So, now that you’ve seen my DIY Restoration Hardware inspired desk, My RH Chair, and Recovered Chaise . . .
It’s time to show you the wall treatment for my office & RH inspired lighting!

Since I don’t mess with electrical stuff . . . I relinquished this project to Hubs.
We purchased this Sputnik Filament light fixture from Amazon . . . Yes that’s right Amazon!

This is the RH picture Amazon uses for the sale of this product.
Amazon sells for $99  —  Restoration Hardware sells for $1295

Sounds like a No brainer right???
Well talk to my husband because he was not a happy camper installing this light!
Product looks good once assembled, however the assembly process itself was pretty difficult.

You get what you pay for  . . . for sure.

First, it took hubs literally ALL day to put together since each arm has a wire.
The wire nuts that come with the light are a joke!
He had to run to Home Depot to get larger ones as all the wires when placed together are about 1/2″ thick.
Next issue: after you install all 18 bulbs at 40W each . . . do the math = 720 watts!
The light runs HOT!! and the light switch was super hot to the touch!

Great ?

So we went back to HD & bought a higher wattage switch around $30.
Still was running HOT! Ugh. ?
What to do?? We ended up ordering LED filament bulbs (from Amazon).
These bulbs were only 4W vs 40W regular Edison bulbs. The LED’s ended up costing $81 for 18 bulbs.
So after doing the math with the bulbs & light fixture . . .
Still $181 vs $1295?? I’ll take it. 😉

So while waiting for the bulbs to come in, don’t laugh
we installed every LED bulb we had in the house, just to have some temporary lighting in the room.

After installing the light . . .  Hubs and I started tackling the brick wall panels

This process actually went pretty fast for the bottom section. It’s very easy to do.
Level the first sheet, glue the back, nail it in!
Line up the next sheet (the sheets are made for you to line up the correct side so bricks line up)
Repeat! Easy Peasy.

We worked quickly around the room just doing the bottom panels 1st.

Then came the tricky part.
Because my ceilings are vaulted we had to cut the sheets at an angle.

Wasn’t too hard . . . We just marked the line with a level and Hubs cut it with a jig saw,
You can tell the top isn’t perfect, but that’s not due to the cut which was Perfect.
You’ll find that most ceilings and walls are uneven 🙁 Wasn’t too big of a deal for me,
because I have a faux finish that I am planning to do to the brick.
Which will take care of that unsightly problem.

So we called it a night .  . . because it was late
and we realized we need to go around this little archway and forgot to buy trim!

No biggie .  . .  that’s the 1st thing we did in the morning and project resumes! YAY!We carefully marked out the arch on the backside of the sheet, and then cut with the jigsaw.

Want to see it all done???
Remember what the room looked like before the brick panels & light fixture??

and what do you think of it now???

But TRUST me . . . This is no where close to being done! A LOT to do still!
Still to come for this office:
Modern Industrial Credenza
Rustic, Vintage Finish on the brick
RH Shelving and much much more! ???

Stay Tuned!!


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