Farmhouse Table Top . . . for a Pool Table!

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In the meantime. . . I wanted to share a project that I completed a few months ago!

Soooo, I was having a dinner party with approx 40-50 attending,
and even though I have a dining room . . . I didn’t have enough “table” seating to accommodate!

What to do??? Scroll down and you’ll see what my crazy mind came up with!

So you remember my pool room right???

its connected to my family room.

ShunWilliamsPhotography.comWell . . . why not make a large table top to sit on top of the pool table??
This will surely accommodate at least 12 people??
So of course, I have to bust out my pencil and paper and sketch out what’s on my mind!


Ooooooh and here’s a thought . . . what if it was a farmhouse style table with wooden planks!?

So that’s exactly what we did! We bought some lumber!
I bought wide planked pine boards to start

. . . and went to town with staining! I started with Minwax Provincial Stain.
Then I randomly used grey and white stain. I did a washing technique on just some of the planks.


Up close and personal . . .


Now for the fun part! We turned all the planks over and used ratchet straps to tighten.
While my friend and I stood on the 2 x 4’s that were going to be attached to the planks,
Hubby screwed them in quickly to secure all the planks together.

The 2 x 4’s were measured and cut perfectly so they would fit snugly inside the pool table,
and the 2″ height of the 2 x 4’s  also allowed for the planks to rest ever so gently on the top of the pool table!


Ready to see the finished product???? Well, here she is!!!

I absolutely LOVE the way the stain turned out!!


We were able to accommodate 16 people at this table!
And the great thing??  As soon as dinner was over, the table top was easily removed!
I now use it as back drop on one of my walls that is used for staging furniture!



So what do you think???
Pretty Creative heh???? eh??? I’m definitely having a proud moment! 😀



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