Caribe Gold Empire Dresser


Hello again! Well . . . I’ve been a busy little bee painting away! Want to see my latest??

This piece was brought to me with he worst paint job I had EVER seen! The man who sold it to me had never painted a piece of furniture before and apparently he was told that if he painted it white he would have more luck selling it . . . NOPE! Even though I loved the fact that this was a late 1800’s empire dresser . . .I resisted a little in purchasing it.

So this is how looked when she arrived at my home . . . now from a distance it may not look that bad, but up close it was ALL WRONG!


The outer layer of paint was mixed sheens of white and was extremely textury.. (if thats a word?) Like someone had started painting it with flat paint and then ran out.. and then decided to finish & touch it up with semigloss paint.. ALL OVER the entire piece! Not to mention that the underneath layer of paint appeared to be an oil base baby blue color~
it just looked so ridiculous..


I couldn’t even fathom painting over the existing paint, so I tried sanding the paint off. NOPE! Paint was coming off but not quick enough and I was going through too many sheets of sand paper.  Plus I couldn’t get into the curves with a sander . . .


So I decided to take on the daunting task of stripping the paint! UGH… NEVER EVER EVER again! I remember saying that the last time I stripped a piece of furniture . . . and sure enough a year later I took on the the same project! SO IN ALL SERIOUSNESS this time. I will NEVER EVER strip a piece of furniture again! Not only is it time consuming, exhausting, tedious, etc . . . It is extremely MESSY!

Here’s one of my friends helping me apply the Citistrip . . .
UGHHH long way to go…

After the Citistrip was applied, then it was the tedious job of peeling, scraping and cleaning up all the goopy blue & white paint that landed on my floor! YUCK!

So . . . here it is finally stripped down to the wood… ahhhh…
hmmm? what color did I want to paint it?? 😉


Well lets just say that after 5 or 6 months it finally spoke to me! My sister in law had a cabinet that she had painted in her bathroom a Caribbean blue color!
Right then I knew that was the color for it!!

So I started with the Body of the dresser with the”Caribe” Blue.
see my little munchkin helping out?? 

Since this piece had some dings and some wear with age.. I felt it would be appropriate the distress the paint randomly to match the furniture itself…

After distressing it, I decided to stain the drawer fronts and top Minwax “Dark Walnut”

But I thought to myself . . . I want the paint areas that were distressed to match the dark stain. So I decided to stain all of the painted areas as well! This way the exposed wood would match the top and drawer fronts!

So . .  . here she is all DONE!
Adding a layer of stain to the top of the paint was by far was the best thing I did to this piece! Not only did it give the blue color a nice antiquing depth (it also slightly changed the blue to more of a greenish blue), it made the distressed wood areas pop a little more!



Of course you know I had to add some bling from Hobby Lobby! DSCF1667DSCF1650DSCF1652
Soo just a recap  . . .  what do you think??


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  • Suzanne - Looks beautiful! You make it look so easy, too!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thanks Suzanne! hahaha! I wish it was easy! LOL.. it is fun though~ReplyCancel

  • Julie bro - What an amazing piece of furniture! That sucks that you had to work so hard to make it beautiful but I guess it makes you appreciate the finished product all the more! Great job ruthie!!!ReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Thanks Julie! Your right. . .it ends up being loved all the more!ReplyCancel

  • jac - wow! what a daunting task, but i think it was worth it. came out beautiful 🙂
    xo jacReplyCancel

    • Ruthie - Daunting is right! LOL! But yes.. super happy with the outcome! 🙂ReplyCancel