Business Office Turned Art Room – Part 3

As promised I wanted to share with you the completed Art Room … Sorry the pictures aren’t so great! Took them almost 2 years ago and I’ve already done some major changes to this room … yikes! So I couldn’t take any current ones with my new camera!!! sorry 🙁

I’m finally getting a system down with posting!! As much as I want to share every single project as I complete them, I figured it would make more sense If I showed you some of the refinished pieces in each room and then showed you the final room! Hope this makes sense?? Craft Rooms are AWESOME especially with kids to keep messes projects isolated to one area! Next to the kitchen, this is the most used room in our house! Hope you love it as much as I do!!

Business Office BEFORE:


After Selling the modular desk.. This is the mess that was left over!!!

I know these pictures are hideous… just wanted you to really get a gist of the BEFORE shots of this room! Also, this picture is the only “before” shot I have of the Black Shabby Chic Armoire that you can scroll down and see finished.


I had originally painted the walls blue, but the color was tooooo dark, so a few months later I painted it this lighter minty green.. What do you think?? I know its bold, but the room just had a nice, light airy feel to it! The perfect environment for work uh-hum I mean crafts.. LOL


Black Shabby Chic Armoire.. Another Craigslist buy! Sorry no really good before pics, all I can say it was brown and unattractive.. I loved the ornate detailing on the doors though! What do you think of it now??? I LOVE IT!

Perfect for storing all my Paints and supplies! The bottom 2 drawers holds my sanders and power tools! YES! Basically my very own pretty Tool Bench!!

This was the sewing table we had in our house growing up that I learned how to sew on. This was Mom’s contribution to my Art Room! Thanks Mom  😉

HUGE Memo board we built right onto the wall!! 3 easy steps! Painted 1/3 of the area with chalkboard paint, next stapled some fabric to the wall along with some ribbon, last framed around the edges and wala! Perfect place to put all my ideas, notes, Project Lists, mementos, pictures, EVERYTHING!

Whats next???

Sad to say the black shabby chic armoire has been sold… for GOOD reason though!! She was good to me the last couple of years, but you have to see my new beauty!! She has way more storage space!  Stay tuned to see what I did to her!!


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