BIL & SIS Inspired Kitchen

So a couple of weeks ago my little sister and I were chatting about tackling her way outdated kitchen.. She was in desperate need of 3 major things:

1) removal of some ridiculously hanging upper cabinets (which obstructed the view of her living room)
2) installation of  lower cabinets by her stove & fridge
3) more countertop space

IMG_0189So I made a quick “Ruthie” sketch … obviously not to scale.. but you get the point!

So we set a date on the books! End of March. Or so we thought

Leave it up to my good ‘ol HUBS… One thing about my husband, if he’s willing to help with a project … he doesn’t like waiting! He’s definitely a “go-getter” & likes to get things done right then and there.

So he suggests to my sister and her husband “why don’t we just take out the cabinets tonight?? Then you will be annoyed with the mess and you’ll finish your project!” Little did he know he would eat those words and be 100% vested for the next 8 days!

So are you ready to see it??? Here goes….





They had no lower cabinets to the left or right of stove . . .
and ugly cream walls and cabinets . . .


NOW look at it freshly painted white! Both walls and cabinets . . .
and see the addition of the lower cabinets / countertops on each side of the stove??

kitchen fridgeLook at that Stunning White Subway Tile backsplash!
and notice the Old, white, bulky Microwave GONE . . .
New Stainless Hood and small countertop microwave added!



New knobs & pulls from Hobby Lobby!! We added gold gilding to the pull to brighten it up!

Look at these Ridiculous upper cabinets blocking the view of the living room!
Also notice the countertop overhang, which is not functional and limits countertop space..


YES!! the UGLY, dumb looking upper cabinets GONE!
and check out the new longer butcher block countertop that was installed. . .
This created more countertop space and is now functional for barstools for an added eating area!
The old track light was also replaced with a modern brushed nickel light fixture.

living room view smallerNew White Sink installed and some fun succulents as accessories!

kitchen south facing view

Gold & White Striped hallway which serves as beautiful backdrop to the white kitchen!


Here there is a non proportionate light fixture installed and too small wall art for the space . . .
Notice there are outdated vertical blinds on the window covered with sheer curtains…
uhh… NO this is ALL wrong.. 


Now look at this room!
A New IKEA chandelier, a gorgeous blue vintage china cabinet and new white curtains!    

dining room and china cabinet

Isn’t this chandelier phenomenal!?! And for those of you who have seen this light fixture
at IKEA, you know that it’s actually shaped completely different!
My sister and her husband saw this same light “custom arranged” in a random pattern,
so they knew they had to do the same!

Now look at their customized chandelier! What a HUGE “wow” factor statement in their dining room!


My sister wouldn’t have it if she couldn’t have at least one PINK accessory in her space!
I don’t blame her.. The pink looks AWESOME!

pinky flower
and look at this Gorgeous Blue China Cabinet!!
Gold stenciled backdrop, gold hardware, and gold gilding detail on the decal…
Perfect spot to display all their glassware and china!

olgui china 2


One last BEFORE view~


ALL DONE and GORGEOUS! What do you think?
I’m in LOVE… 🙂

Doesn’t it just feel BRIGHT, AIRY and OPEN!?!
Great job to my BIL & sister, their awesome friends and my hubby
who helped work on this 8 day project!

Now for the nitty gritty… If you just like the pretty before and after pictures,
then you are pretty much DONE reading this post HERE!!!


Now, I know some of you DIY’ers out there want to know all the dirty details . . .
Do you want to see the work in progress??

Well keep reading and I’ll take you through some detail and
some of the bumps we encountered along the way!

Day 1 – How it all started.. Hey lets juts take the cabinets down and see what happens??



Holy cow! What a view!!
And soooo . . . the excitement begins . . .


Yes, ugly 70’s wallpaper behind the microwave that must be peeled off!


Hubs removing the tile baseboard in order to put in the new lower cabinets!


Some painting. . . and one of the many hundred runs we had to send my sister on!
Home Depot, Lowes and IKEA were visited frequently!


Countertop removed . . .
Uh oh…. Large pipe coming out where the new lower counter top will be.. ughhh
Now we have to cut pipe, and relocate…more drywall repair..


New holes in the drywall for relocating pipe. . .


Re-installing cabinet to get the new countertop on! YAY!
These 3 guys made an AWESOME team btw! 


New Butcher Block Countertop! YAY
guys are making sure all is level before securing it!


Of course they couldn’t resist a funny “pose” for the camera moment.. LOL


Meanwhile . . . the girls sanding, priming and painting the cabinet doors.
Not the best weather conditions! Raining most of the day . . .
We also had to sand off paint from 9 years ago when we painted her kitchen the 1st time! LOL


He’s ready to throw that drawer into the street, get in his truck and then run it over.
This was the 2nd hand cabinet we had picked up for $10!!! It needed cleaning,
a new bottom toe kick and obviously the bottom track was giving him some trouble! LOL


I couldn’t help but throw this picture in..
This is my little munchkin keeping busy (of course she was BORED)
Anyway, she obviously found that mud and dirt work as awesome paint on block walls.
Lets just say by the end of the 8 days she had a full wall of Hieroglyphics!! 🙂


Making progress! Backsplash going up and painted doors going back on the cabinets!

DSCF1507DSCF1510Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet??
Backsplash getting grouted . . .


Here the outlets are being changed to white along with new stainless covers . . .
YAY . .  the FINAL finishing touches!


ALL DONE!!! Yay. . .We did it!

green door


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