Amelia Coffee Table

Didn’t want to keep you waiting too long to see the coffee table transformation!

So it all started with this typical light-colored, white wash wood coffee table with a glass top.
I suppose that was kinda the style in the 90’s?

With a nice giant chip in the corner of the glass . . .
(notice the decorative hideous trim moulding around the glass)
So off the glass went into the trash!!!
I purchased 4 of these long, raw, pine, tongue and groove planks!
So I cut the planks down to fit perfectly on the top of the table; 7  across and 1 on each end.
Then I stained the planks a few different colors with some grey stain washing for a final finish
Sooooo . . . my original plan and layout was not really WORKING! (above)

The stinkin planks were giving me such a hard time locking into each other! UGHH!
NEVER again will I buy tongue and groove!
So I opted for Plan B! I removed the decorative trim moulding (see broken glass pic) around the glass.
Now I have an inside ledge for the planks to sit on and mount to . . .

So now with Plan B, I only needed 5 planks to sit inside (where the glass used to) YAY!
But now the tedious task of sanding down the top of the actual coffee table and staining it to match the planks!

Hmmmmmm . . .

Piece of cake! Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be . . .
DSCF4694I painted the base a nice grey color,
Then I did a dark stain on top of the grey to really highlight the grooves in the legs.

Ready to see it all done???

Here it is  . . . at its beautiful new home!
So just to RECAP!


So . . . What do you think???
Thanks Amelia for assigning me the task of your formal spaces!!

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